About the PTA

Our school’s Parent-Teacher Association was established in 2003. The National Parents Council provided training and advice on how to go about setting up a PTA and we had a lot of fun discovering the various roles of the PTA.

The PTA is the structure through which parents/guardians in our school can work together for the best possible education of children. The PTA works with and supports the Principal Teacher, Staff and the Board of Management to build an effective partnership between home and school.

Partnership between home and school is important because with positive and active partnership the children get the best possible education. We know from research that children do better, behave better and are happier in schools where parents and teachers work closely together and when parents are able to give their children support at home.

Teachers do a better job when they are supported by and work closely with parents.

Parents can do a better job when they have the support of other parents.

The PTA is a means to realise the potential of Teacher-Parent co-operation. We would very much welcome the involvement of any new parents who would be interested in joining the PTA committee. Feel free to request the PTA’s phone number from Catriona, our school secretary. Also, please know that the PTA Annual General Meeting takes place every September. A new PTA is formed annually at this meeting. The PTA informs all Parents/Guardians in writing in advance of the September AGM.

Quick Contact

T. +353 1 890 3899
F. +353 1 840 8752