Assessment Policy

Generally assessment will take two forms:

  •  Informal Assessment
  • Formal Assessment

Informal Assessment: some or all of the following as appropriate

  •  By teacher in classroom/school setting
  • Observation of child working/playing/social interaction
  • Teacher designed tests and tasks
  • Class and homework samples
  • Portfolios and projects
  • Collaboration/communication between teacher and teacher/teacher and parent

Formal Assessment – Standardised Tests

  • To compliment informal assessment
  • To be administered in Senior Infants, First Class, Third Class and Fifth Class

Tests: Senior Infants: Middle Infant Screening Test (MIST)

First Class

Third Class Drumcondra Primary Reading and Mathematics Tests

Fifth Class

Administration: Tests will be administered by the classroom teacher in the pupils’ own classroom in accordance with test guidelines.

MIST: It is recommended that children be 5 years and eight months or more before testing. Therefore this test will be administered no earlier than February.

Drumcondra Primary Maths and Reading Tests: Administered in accordance with test guidelines.

v In First Class the tests will be administered in the final term.

v In Third Class

v In Fifth Class

Results of Standardised Tests

* The class teacher corrects and collates tests. Test results will be interpreted in consultation with other teachers/principal. Staff meeting time will be dedicated for this purpose.

* Two copies of the results will be made, one for teacher and one for office. Both copies will be retained in secure locations indefinitely.

* Booklets will be retained by the class teacher in individual pupil folders and passed on to the next teacher.

Access: Principal, All teaching staff and other professional personnel deemed appropriate by teachers and principal. Individual parents/guardians will have access only to their own child/children’s results on request.

Communication of Results to Children: No individual scores will be communicated to children. Appropriate, general verbal feedback will be given.

Communication of Results to Parents/Guardians: Standardized tests results will form part of the oral report on each child as prepared by the class teacher for Parent/Teacher meetings. Where Parents/Guardians request exact scores for their child/children’s test results, the class teacher will provide this information and interpret it.

Follow up: Following a careful analysis of Informal and Formal pupil assessment data and in consultation with Parents/Guardians, a list of those children deemed in need of supplementary educational support will be drawn up and the process of setting up such support will be immediately initiated.

Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment, in full consultation with teachers and parents, may be advised at any stage including pre-enrolment and Junior and Senior Infants. This in turn will form the basis for supplementary educational support.

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