English Language Policy

This document is a statement of the aims, objectives and strategies for teaching and learning English at Swords Educate Together National School.

It was developed during October 2002 through a process of consultation with teaching staff. The Board of Management approved it in March 2003.

Development, Implementation and Review

The progress of the policy and the review process will be co-ordinated by Gerard Kelly.

Elements of the policy will be discussed as necessary at staff meetings. A full review will take place when the cycle of inservice for the revised curriculum is completed.

The success criteria by which this policy will be judged include the following:

  • Teacher observation
  • Classroom assessment including evaluation of assignments
  • Standardised tests
  • Parent/pupil/community feedback
  • Inspector’s report
  • Second level feedback

English in the Curriculum

Language is at the heart of children’s learning. Through language they receive many of their skills. Language enables children both to communicate with others effectively for a variety of purposes, and to examine their own and others’ experiences, feelings and ideas, giving them order and meaning.

Language also has an important bearing on the mental, emotional and social development of the child: it is the base on which successful teaching and learning in other areas must stand, not only at primary, but at all levels. Our school attaches a high priority to giving pupils a command of the English language and the ability to use it appropriately and concisely to convey meaning.


We endorse the aims of the English Language Curriculum as articulated in the Revised Curriculum (page 10 Language):

Broad Objectives

We endorse the Broad Objectives of the English Language Curriculum as articulated in the Revised Curriculum (pages 11 and 12 Language):

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